Felix the Station Chief Mouser


Felix the Station Chief Mouser

Huddersfield Station boasts a fun claim to fame. This platform puss arrived at the station six years ago with one of the station attendants. The pet brought to work soon became the station mascot after much doting and social media attention. Last year, the station master bequeathed the feline with the post of Senior Pest Controller and provided her with a hi-vis uniform that stands out at night. Felix’s Facebook account has surged to over 100,000 followers from all over the world, and she has recently released a book. People come to the station sometimes just for the chance to meet her, giving us new insight into the power a cat can wield on the internet.

Words by Michiko Kagawa

© Michiko Kagawa Felix the Railway Cat. The book sales proceed go to the charity, Prostate Cancer UK. www.tpexpress.co.uk
© TransPennine Express Miss Felix sporting her hi-vis uniform with name badge as she makes herself available to take photos with commuters.
© TransPennine Express Andrew Croughan, the Station Manager with Miss Felix. She loves a good tummy tickle.

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