From Head to Toe. The Perfect Transformation.


From Head to Toe. The Perfect Transformation.

Last year, Todd Snyder opened his first flagship store, offering men a comprehensive shopping area including an annex café bar. From bespoke suits to casual brands such as Double Name and Champion, the area provides a men’s shopping getaway that includes shoe shine and a barber shop. Designated clerks are available for man-to-man styling advice, delivering the proverbial scratch for an itch that we men have had for a long time.

Words by Kimi Suzuki

Address: 25 East 26th Street, New York, NYC 10010
Tel: 917-242-3482
Access: 23rd Street
Opening hours: 10am-8pm (Monday-Saturday), 11am-7pm (Sunday)
Open year round
Todd Snyder’s glasses by Mascot, a brand trusted by New Yorkers.
A masculine store interior reminiscent of a man’s study. A print of a young Mohammad Ali adorns the wall creating a sophisticated atmosphere.
Shoe shine service. Nothing is overlooked, not even the bottoms of your feet.


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