Ginza’s Masterpieces #02


Ginza’s Masterpieces #02

Wako took over Hattori Watch’s retail division in 1947. Hattori had been in business since 1881 and is currently Seiko Holdings Corporation.

Wako offers a variety of appealing designs. Takeo Ito, the designer of the antique-textured Wako Clock, engraves and sculpts. His commissioned work include pieces for the National Diet as well as for the Akasaka Guest House, and he designed the Wako Wall Clock over forty years ago. The clock’s hand-carved natural wood bear layer after layer of paint, giving it three-dimensional nuances.

Tel: 03-3562-2111

Sakura Shop furniture of Takamatsu City teamed with American furniture designer, George Nakashima in the 1960s for collaborative work. Nakashima guided the company with new designs. The modern furniture is made from wood only available in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and this furniture is only available at the Ginza store.

Sakura Shop
Tel: 03-3547-8118
Sakura Shop
© Toru YuasaWall Clock ¥2,808,000
© Toru YuasaAsanoha Table Ramp W41.5×D41.5×H73.5㎝ ¥334,800


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