Great Impressionism. A New Museum.


Great Impressionism. A New Museum.

For those who love art, Berlin is home to a new museum that will offer a broad range of exhibitions from contemporary to classical works. The Museum Barberini, a reconstructed 18th-century palace, will be hosting an impressionist exhibit for its grand opening. The Art of Landscape exhibition will display 41 pieces by Monet, including Les Nymphéas and Meules. Also, look forward to additional 100 works from Renoir and Caillebotte, as well as sculptures by Rodin. This must-see exhibit shows works from around the world. Contributors include collections from Germany, the Heritage Museum, and never-before-shown pieces owned by private collectors. The museum’s 2200 m2 space offers a bright atmosphere that suits these impressionist works.

Text by Hideko Kawachi

Museum Barberini
Address: Alter Markt / Humboldtstr. 5–6, 14467 Potsdam
Tel: 0331-2360-14499
Access: Potsdam Hauptbahnhof
Opening hours: 11am-7pm (Only on the first Thursday of the month, open until 9pm)
Closed: Tuesday
General admission: 14 Euros
Exhibition until May 28
© Gianni Plescia The exhibition hall for Monet’s landscape paintings. On the right is his work, The Hunt (1876). You can almost hear the sound of the hunters stepping on the fallen leaves.
© Gianni Plescia The exhibit includes 14 works by Rodin on loan from the Rodin Museum in Paris. On the left is The Thinker (1880).
© Gianni Plescia This is the popular corner displays Monet’s work, including Les Nymphéas. The museum limits ticket sales to keep traffic down, so people can relax and take their time viewing each piece. Guided tours are also available.

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