Immersed in a World Perspective


Immersed in a World Perspective

Ginza’s Renga Street is now home to ISSEY MIYAKE—a maisonette style designed store with women’s wear on the first floor and men’s on the second. The second floor offers selections from four of the designer’s brands: ISSEY MIYAKE MEN, 132 5., ISSEY MIYAKE, ISSEY WATCH, and ISSEY MIYAKE EYES. The shop’s interior, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, uses traditional Japanese eggplant blue tones to produce a feeling of calm opulence. A large sofa cuts the open space of each floor, giving visitors a perspective of all four brands. Aluminum panels arranged in the four directions adjoined to the building offer stylish display space where items such as jackets, wrinkle-processed clothing, and the likes hang in accord with a theme for customers to view. In early September, ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE Ginza on Gasuto Street will also be reborn as ISSEY MIYAKE GINZA, showing that Ginza can once again excite us with fashion.

Words: Pen Editorial

Address: 4-3-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3538-0780
Access: Ginza
Opening hours: 11am-8pm
Closed: Irregular
© Atsuko Toyama The Designer Naoto Fukuzawa took particular care to create a relaxing ambiance for visitors.
© Atsuko Toyama A Jacket with a playful pattern inspired by a white birch forest.
© Atsuko Toyama About ten watches and ten pieces of eyewear in the showcase as well as fragrances for men.
© Atsuko Toyama Rubber wetsuit material lines the instep opening of this Mid-top Slip-on.


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