In a forest-like space, robust and beautiful flavors.


In a forest-like space, robust and beautiful flavors.

With a talent for minutely calculating textures and utilizing the charm of negative spaces woven by both plate and cuisine, chef Teruki Murashima brings the beauty of flavor to life in three dimensions. Delicacy of presentation, assembled textures, and a gastronomical approach to flavor are essential to Murashima’s dishes, but the core of his cuisine would have to be its robustness. The essence of his cooking encompasses a casual playfulness of delicious flavors that embrace the spirit of the ingredients that he uses.

A photograph of a single plate of both raw and cooked North Sea octopus shows how these two ways of cooking bring out different flavors. The gooiness from a light topping of sesame oil is a plus, yet the temperature of cooked octopus both unites and expands the flavors. Another unique flavor can be found in his coriander and pistachio green curry. The collaboration of exotic scents and an artistic space in the image of a driftwood forest gives charm to the restaurant.

Address: 7F Royal Crystal Ginza, 5-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3575-5115
Opening hours: 12 noon-1:30pm L.O., 6pm-10pm L.O. (restaurant); 6pm-11pm L.O. (bar)
Closed: Wednesday
© Masahiro Okamura Hokkaido grilled octopus with bamboo shoots. An ¥11,000 course includes various a la carte cuisines.
© Masahiro Okamura Selected as a Michelin one-starred restaurant, ARGILE is a sister restaurant of ESqUISSE, which is a two-star rated restaurant in the Micheline Guide. Their chic interior is distinctive.


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