Inscape, Fitness for Beauty from the Inside


Inscape, Fitness for Beauty from the Inside

Recently, many in New York’s Flatiron district have chosen to focus more on their health. They’ve developed a sense of personal design, and boutique gyms line the streets. Clad in rakish outfits gym members come and go, but what’s attracting local attention now is the meditation studio, Inscape. Inscape provides a place to exercise the mind, deepen relaxation, and heighten concentration through mental exercises. Inscape also offers an app that makes it possible to reap the benefits of meditation whenever and wherever you like, without attending a studio session. The meditation exercises, which have been handed down through history, take on a 21st-century flair adopted to match our modern lifestyles, using unique breathing techniques, movements, and sounds.

Text by Nozomi Suzuki

Address: 45 West 21st Street, New York, NYC 10010
Tel: 646-952-0706
Access: 23 STREET
Opening hours: 7:45AM-9:00PM (Monday-Friday), 10AM-5PM (Saturday and Sunday)
Open year round
© Inscape The architect, Winka Dubbeldam, fused elements that tickle the five senses, such as “light”, “fragrance” and “warmth” into his design in pursuit of comfort.
© Inscape The entrance attracts attention, and there is a 465 square meter gift shop.
© Inscape Spend some time with a fresh drink in their quiet space before and/or after a session.

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