More than a hotel, redeveloping Central station


More than a hotel, redeveloping Central station

While Stockholm’s suburbs go through rapid development, city-center redevelopment is also noteworthy—especially in the back alley of Central station, where bank headquarters and office buildings are concentrated. The newly opened Hobo hotel is located here offering passers-by restaurants, bars, cafés, and gallery space all spread out over the first and second floors where guests and locals gather from morning until the midnight DJ show. Close partnerships with the local community led to the hotel’s very own IPA from Pang Pang Brewery as well as Velosophy bike rentals. The gallery provides a platform for startups to display work, and one can find unique and in-depth information for venturing out into the city. A perfect home base for your next Stockholm trip.

Words: Hironori Tsukue

Address: Brunkebergstorg 4, 111 51 Stockholm
Tel: 08-578-827-00
Access: T-Centralen
© Hironori Tsukue A former bank building completely converted to a designer hotel.
© Hironori Tsukue Hobo’s furniture and interior are all newly designed and offered by Studio Assilinger—another noteworthy point.
© Hironori Tsukue The Superior room has a unique bedroom layout. A view of cityscape and sky through the window is something to look forward to in the morning.


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