Pottery for Delish


Pottery for Delish

A new open gallery and restaurant, Aelu, has opened in Yoyogi-Uehara, offering pottery from local and international artists. The owner, Tomohiro Maruyama, proffers cuisine to Tokyoites through restaurants such as Maison Cinquante Cinq and Lanterne, and his new venture, Aelu, brings a new dimension to cuisine with pottery he chooses personally. Currently, Aelu is the only shop in the city to have Sueki Alchemy products as well as the Misa Kumabuchi lineup that has garnered popularity in Copenhagen and London. In the space next to Aelu, the newest lanterne offers customers cuisine and the opportunity to wander next door and enjoy the gallery.

Address: 3-12-14 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5738-8068
Access: Yoyogi-Uehara
Opening hours: 11am-7pm
Closed: Wednesday
© Atsuko Toyama There are over 100 items on display in the space leading into the restaurant with a wide range of prices
© Atsuko Toyama Pottery by Naotsugu Yoshida has strong support from designers and chefs. The black and white forms his work allure visitors with an enchanting aesthetic beauty.
© Atsuko Toyama Misa Kumabuchi’s pottery goes by the name Mushimegane Books. Her piece is charming and yet profound.


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