Sicilian French Sixties-style Dinner


Sicilian French Sixties-style Dinner

The unique interior is reminiscent of a sixties diner, and they offer their customers an unusual mix of ethnic Sicilian and French cuisine. Cumino Bistrot roars with business every day, and the secret to their popularity is that you can choose your sauce from more than four options, including tomato, sharp gorgonzola, and curry. Large portions at a good price. Plates start from eight euros and the lunch set is twelve for pasta, a main dish, desert, and water. A great restaurant experience for time with friends or over the weekend.

Words: Kiyoe Sakamoto

Cumino Bistrot
Address: Via Cicco Simonetta 17, 20123 Milano
Tel: 02-58102650
Access: Porta Genova
Opening hours: 7:30pm-11pm
Closed: Sunday
© Frankie Vaughan Dried codfish sauté with olive sauce, green onions, and tomatoes.
© Frankie Vaughan Maiolica tiles from south Italy on the wall.
© Frankie Vaughan A popular dish is meatballs, which have a simple taste with umami. We recommend you eat it with fresh tomato sauce. It is best paired with red wine.

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