Simple, casual soba.


Simple, casual soba.

On a corner near Shimo-kitazawa Station’s West Exit, Washoku Koyori’s fabric signage, the noren, hangs outside the shop. Traditional dishes and playful creations mingle together on the menu, offering patrons a taste of the attention to detail the restaurant brings to using domestic ingredients. The restaurant recommends ordering à la carte with a side dish that pairs well with sake. Then, of course, order the soba. All the sashimi comes fresh from Tsukiji Fish Market, and is brimming with flavor. The Kagiya Aki Agari, a pure sake made only with rice and yeast, compliments sashimi elegantly. The sweet aroma of buckwheat noodles that are handmade every day, draws people into the doors, and the full range of seasonings from karami-daikon to green sea salts keep them there. Washoku Koyori goes out of its way to bring enjoyment to customers through the essential flavors of soba noodles. “Whether it’s a full meal or a quick bowl of noodles, we want our customers to feel free to drop by anytime,” says the owner Takaya Kobayashi. It’s the kind of place that makes one feel at home. In addition to spacious counter seating, eight tables are available. Enjoy a casual meal by yourself, or bring friends for a full dining experience.

Address: 6-5-26 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6683-9408
Opening hours: 5pm-11pm (last order)
Closed: Mondays
© Mai Hokari In addition to spacious counter seating, eight tables are available. Enjoy a casual meal by yourself, or bring friends for a full dining experience.
© Mai Hokari The signature item, 100% buckwheat noodles, is made daily on site with Hitachi Aki buckwheat.
© Mai HokariDaily in-season fish with the restaurant’s Three Assorted Fishes is ideal for a quick bite.


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