Spice Craft Beer in Beijing


Spice Craft Beer in Beijing

Chinese craft beer is called Jīng niàng píjiu or Chinese Brewed Liquor. The overseas influence has brought an increase in small breweries throughout Beijing. Panda Brew Pub represents them with its panda logo. The brewery has developed its own recipes using honey, ginger, and herbal medications such as citrus peel and ku ding. The brewery now offers fifteen types of beer. One can taste beers while looking at the facilities through a massive window. While the brewery is small, it has received large-scale investments and is a rapidly growing venture. Beijing is home to three shops, and the company has recently expanded to Qingdao and Xiamen. Panda Brew Pub offers e-commerce sites as well. The spicy beers are the most popular, and in Beijing’s summer, Panda Brew Pub is the one thing that will take your mind off the heat.

Words: Junko Haraguchi

Panda Brew Pub
Address: 14-2 Dongsi Bei Dajie, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing
Tel: 010-6408-7922
Access: Beixinqiao
Opening hours: 10am-2am
The popular set of your choice of four beers lets one compare different flavors.
Bottled beer is available and soon they will be releasing cans as well. They take their designs seriously.
The interior of the shop feels like rock and roll and the panda logo is everywhere, even incorporated into the glass.

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