Spicy Hunan Renovated in White


Spicy Hunan Renovated in White

The white exterior wall stands out in downtown Beijing. Through its windows of various shapes and sizes, one can see what life is like in the alleys outside. The food is spicy Hunan from the owner’s hometown. One can feel the mix of old and new culture, Yu Fu Nan, and the long lines outside show just how popular it has become. The building stands near a white pagoda from the 13 century. Parts of this area haven’t changed much since those times. The deterioration of the buildings has become a problem, but redevelopment and maintenance of the local infrastructure seem to be progressing. Yu Fu Nan is a renovated one-story building as well.

Words: Junko Haraguchi

Yu Fu Nan
Address: Gong Men Kou 49, Xicheng Qu, Beijing
Tel: 010-8306-3022
Access: Fuchengmen
Opening hours: 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-9pm
Open year round
The owners are a married couple of architects in their thirties. They run an architectural firm, and this restaurant allows them to use their wealth of renovation experience.
The main dishes served here are spicy dishes from Hunan, famous for its red peppers.
The interior is a simple monotone, so the sights of the old city through the various shapes of the windows provide color.


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