The Sardine Bar: The Big Fish in a Little Pond


The Sardine Bar: The Big Fish in a Little Pond

A year ago, the Sardine Bar opened in Berlin and quickly became a novel first visit—then a local favorite. With a menu centered around canned fish, primarily sardines, this oddity offers patrons 120 different varieties of tins with fish. The Sardine Bar selects menu items from local small-scale canneries. The fishy favorite, La Bell Iloise hails from Bretagne, where they use the traditional method of frying the fish and then canning in savory, thick slices submerged in olive oil. When one dips bread in this tasty olive oil, it enlivens the taste buds, and wine tastes better than ever. The vintage sardines, caught and canned in September when the fish have an extra bevy of mouthwatering fat, are the Holy Grail of canned sardines. The Sardine Bar is elevating fish in a tin to an entirely new status.

Text by Hideko Kawachi
Address: Grunewaldstrasse 79, 10823 Berlin
Tel: 030-5884-4170
Access: Eisenacher, Strasse
Opening hours: 12pm-11pm
Closed: Sundays
© Gianni Plescia When choosing a can, bread and salad are included. From the left, a standard canned item from La Belle Iloise, another with the pepper.
© Gianni Plescia The fresh sardine can designs accent the interior. Take home your cans as a souvenir.
© Gianni Plescia The golden yellow color of the matured oil is a sign of quality. Vintage sardines, 2013.


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