The Sharpest Gifts Around! If It’s Cutlery You’re After, This Is the Shop to Visit


The Sharpest Gifts Around! If It’s Cutlery You’re After, This Is the Shop to Visit

The specialist cutlery shop Lorenzi was established just after the second World War; this store, its successor was opened in Milan by the owner’s grandson. The shop stocks luxury items for men, focusing primarily on cutlery. It is perfect for those who are searching for lovingly-crafted gifts and souvenirs for men.

  The shelves and show windows of the shop are filled with more than 1000 different knives, 50 types of bottle opener, shaving sets and other grooming products, scissors, mirrors and more. Here you will find a selection of fine items that are hard to find anywhere else: tortoise-shell mirrors, ivory combs, original silk umbrellas and mother of pearl caviar dishes. Why not visit this featured shop, full of beautiful items?

Text by Kiyoe Sakamoto

Address: Corso Di Porta Romana 1, 20122 Milano
Tel: 02-86451748
Access: Missori
Opening hours: 9:30am-1:00pm, 3:00pm-7:30pm (Tuesday-Saturday), 3pm-7:30pm (Monday)
Closed: Sunday
© Frankie Vaughan The neatly-arranged shop holds over 50,000 items, creating a feeling like visiting a museum. One may lose track of time, gazing upon the beautiful cutlery and tools.
© Frankie Vaughan The shop has a huge collection of knives from more than 50 companies worldwide. Among them are special 18 karat gold hand-made items, costing 3,500 Euros.
© Frankie Vaughan These original corkscrews are available in two colours, silver and gold. The silver costs 65 Euros; the gold 55 Euros.

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