Venture capital innovates furniture.


Venture capital innovates furniture.

While many furniture retailers in China chase the kind of success Ikea enjoys, one emerging brand is taking off at a fast pace. ZaoZuo started just three years ago, but they sell over two-thousand different products ranging from furniture to accessories, created in collaboration with over one-hundred designers in twenty-seven countries. Price points are set higher than Ikea to attract a new upper-end clientele. This year ZaoZuo received twenty-million dollars in investment capital, and they plan to open new stores as they grow. While China is experiencing an investment bubble as new industries pop up around the country, ZaoZuo is the frontrunner for interiors—where one can find furniture by famous western designers such as Luca Nichetto. We’re excited to see where they go next.

Words: Junko Haraguchi

Address: B1-21, Jiǔxiānqiáo Lù 18, Cháoyáng, Beijing
Access: Jiangtai
Tel: 010-6433-6378
Opening hours: 10am-10pm
Open year round
A chair by ZaoZuo’s AD, Italian designer Luca Nichetto.
The CEO, Shu Wei, is a woman with design experience. This colorful sofa is also a popular item.
ZaoZuo’s first store opened in 2016 in a wealthy area of Beijing with many more stores on the way.


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