Creative Stories for Creative Minds

Pen Magazine International is the Tokyo-based lifestyle media. Our mission is to deliver stories of Japan-inspired creativity, bringing together and showcasing the very best in arts, culture, design, food and travel. Launched in March 2017, it is a subsidiary of Pen, which has been one of the best respected lifestyle magazines in Japan for over twenty years since its first publication. The name shows our appreciation of and commitment to penmanship. Before the vagaries of the digital world, people put a pen to paper to tell stories. The pen held a power and its holder a responsibility. It was named for this and the place in the heart handwriting held at the time and still holds today. It is about those who dare to have a modern take on what’s already accepted, for whom luxury and singularity are compatible; whose creation is their pleasure. It is about sharing effort, passion and attention to detail behind the creativity. Welcome to Pen Magazine International, where you find creative stories for creative minds.