Creative Stories from Japan

Born in 1997 in Tokyo, Pen [ペン] is the most influential media reference for meaningful culture and lifestyle in Japan. Since 2016, our international edition of the popular Tokyo-based magazine has been delivering stories of Japan-inspired creativity, bringing together and showcasing the very best in arts, culture, design, food, and travel. Our editorial know-how now reaches a global audience through magazines, digital media, and videos in Japanese, English, and French.

With contributors all over the world, Pen’s brand extensions include a creative agency, a publishing house, and a film (both fiction and non-fiction) production company with offices in Japan and France.

The name Pen shows our appreciation of and commitment to penmanship. The pen holds a power and its holder a responsibility. The magazine was named both for this and for the place in the heart that handwriting held at the time and still holds today. It is about those who dare to have a modern take on what’s already accepted, for whom luxury and singularity are compatible, and for whom creation is a pleasure. It is about sharing the effort, passion, and attention to detail behind the creativity.

Pen is published by CCC Media House Co., Ltd., which also produces Madame Figaro Japon and Newsweek Japan. CCC Media House is a publishing company belonging to the CCC Group, which operates TSUTAYA, one of the biggest video/music-rental and bookstore chains in Japan. In addition to publishing its own books and magazines, CCC Media House is also involved in a wide range of content businesses, including BtoB branding, digital consulting, and video production.

Welcome to Pen [ペン], where you will find creative stories for creative minds.