Daisuke Ichiba, Counter Culture’s Unassailable Draughtsman


His work is pregnant with melancholy, with an acute awareness of death that creeps forth from even the most unassuming scenes. From a cannibalistic banquet without food, to a crime scene without corpses, or two lovers on a beach, with no clear indicators of the impending drama, Daisuke Ichiba is part of a generation of artists that have emerged from the Golden Age of manga.

For years Ichiba ran a second-hand store in the district of Koenji, Tokyo, selling clothes and mangas, while the pages of his own work contain a dark documentation of otaku counter culture. His heroine is a mysterious young woman with a pleated skirt, an eye patch and a knife.

Breaching the borders of contemporary art, comic books, poetry and noise art, Ichiba sees himself as a painter of beauty, bijn-gaka. It is nonetheless a dark beauty, with one-eyed school children and dead animals.

The book Daisuke Ichiba, l’art d’équilibrer les dissonances, is available in a trilingual edition in French, English and Japanese.