Connor Dudgeon Presents Images of Love and Loneliness in Japan


©Connor Dudgeon, Fukouka, 2018

Canadian photographer Connor Dudgeon decided to study the residents of Tokyo, capturing moments in their life without their knowledge – or almost, at least. His series of photos, entitled Passerby, captures these fleeting moments and explores their meaning.

The photos contain nothing overly unusual: a passenger falling asleep on the subway; a child in someone’s arms, being sheltered from the rain; a young woman photographed from behind, lost in contemplation of the glimmering water in front of her; or a man taking a break, sitting on the floor of his shop. The scenes may be ordinary, but it’s the fact that Dudgeon has taken time over them that gives them value.

Captured in this way, these moments become essential. In them, we can discern, amongst other things, the inevitable loneliness to be felt in the enormousness of Tokyo (despite the city’s high population density), the beauty of moments taken for oneself and, in contrast, the importance of small moments shared with others.

©Connor Dudgeon, Kyoto, 2018

©Connor Dudgeon, Hakone, 2018

©Connor Dudgeon, Fukouka, 2018

©Connor Dudgeon, Nara, 2018

©Connor Dudgeon, Osaka, 2018