Still Life? Where am I Heading? Mami Kosemura Questions Our Perceptions


Banquet, 2018 Giclée print ©Mami Kosemura

Painting or photography? Static or moving? Fiction or reality? Tokyo-based artist Mami Kosemura blurs the boundaries between all of these. From 16 June until 2 September, the Hara, one of the oldest museums of contemporary art in Japan, tucked away in an elegant building in the Shinagawa district, is offering visitors the chance to discover Kosemura’s universe in an exhibition entitled Phantasies Over Time.

By introducing the notion of movement, the visual artist declares, she wishes to question the viewer’s points of reference. She justifies this process by stating that it’s only when certainties seem to waver that we allow ourselves to ask crucial questions of meaning.

Understanding of the self and connection with the world: these are the two aims that lie behind the (almost) still lives from an artist who, developing her techniques and means of expression, immerses us in the realm of the metaphysical and, perhaps, will make us ask ourselves: ‘in which state do I find myself’?

Objects – New York III –, 2016 Giclée print ©Mami Kosemura

Drape IV, 2013-14 Giclée print ©Mami Kosemura

Objects – New York V –, 2016 Giclée print ©Mami Kosemura