GACHA, the first self-driving bus from MUJI


WordsManon Baeza


The famous Japanese company MUJI recently unveiled plans for a self-driving bus. Named ‘GACHA’, this vehicle was designed in collaboration with Sensible 4, a Finnish company specialising in self-driving technology. GACHA will be able to face all weather conditions, which MUJI say is a first.

Until now, heavy rain, fog and snow have prevented autonomous vehicles from driving because ‘the existing technology is mainly tested and developed in warm climatic conditions’, the company explains. To remedy this, Sensible 4 tested GACHA in arctic conditions, allowing it to drive autonomously and in total safety, MUJI confirms.

While Sensible 4 took care of all the technical aspects, MUJI – known for its minimalist style – took charge of the aesthetic side of the vehicle. The design is therefore pared-down, with monochrome colours and cubic or curved shapes. And what makes GACHA especially different is the fact that it’s been designed so viewers can’t tell the front from the back. It’s a display of true technological prowess.

Practical trials of GACHA will begin in Finland in 2019 with the goal of making GACHA available for real-world use in the near future.