A Wooden Soul at the Heart of Studio Kuku


© 2009 Kyoko Tani

All around there are forests, hot springs and temples. We are in the region of Nagano, at the foot of mount Asama in the small town of Komoro. It is in this dream-like landscape that the husband and wife team, the Tanis, have established their Studio Kuku.

Ku refers to the spirit of the tree in the Nihon Shoki, a classical Japanese text published in 720. Kuku is thus a reference to the multitude of wood that is crafted by the artisans of Studio Kuku in order to create furniture, wooden tableware and other accessories.

Imbued with the animist tradition of Shintoism, the couple explains that the spirit of the tree is transferred to the person who creates the object, and then on to the person who uses it. Without realizing, acquiring one of their pieces is to contribute to the continued story of this wood.

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