The Designer Turning Food Waste into Tableware

Kosuke Araki transforms rubbish into designer objects, proving that it's possible to do without plastic and use durable materials instead.


© Masami Naruo

It took Kosuke Araki years of experimenting to find alternatives to plastic. This search led him to reflect on our consumption habits and food waste. 

The designer documented the quantity of food thrown away at food markets, in shops and in his own cooking and, through research and development, found a technique for transforming this waste into designer tableware, with a saucepan and baking tray as his only tools. 

This project, entitled Food Waste Ware, formed part of the Revolution 5.0 exhibition held at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin in 2018. Kosuke Araki, as an extension of Food Waste Ware, designed a range of tableware called Anima, also made from food waste, combined with Japanese urushi lacquer. Pieces from this collection were included in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 


More information on Kosuke Araki’s creations can be found on his website.

© Kosuke Araki

© Kosuke Araki

© Kosuke Araki