A New Ornate Rail Service From Kyoto to Osaka


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From March 2019, the Kyotrain Garaku train is to serve a new line to Kyoto from Osaka, for a journey that is sure to appeal to fans of ancestral Japan, both for the exterior design and the intricately decorated interiors of its wagons.

The Hankyu Railway Company, a railway company operating in and around Osaka, is to run a train from Osaka to Kyoto seven times a day on weekends and public holidays for the modest sum of just 400 yen (around €3).

The Kyotrain Garaku stands out against the landscape with its originality. Its interior decoration gives a taste of the old imperial capital, installed with the greatest care. Traditional shoji sliding doors, dark brown woodwork and miniature zen gardens plunge passengers into a typical Japanese traditional inn. Two wagons also have window-facing seats, in order to enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape that passes by.

Four of the six cars each represent a particular season. The first car is decorated with maple leaves on the walls, while bamboos symbolise winter in the second. Spring is embodied by cherry blossoms in the third. Finally, the fourth leaves room for summer with geranium flowers.

Passengers will find all modern comforts on board with free Wi-Fi and ads in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean languages.