“MIE – Discoveries beyond our imagination”

Make discoveries beyond your imagination in Mie: A road movie promoting long-duration rural travel in Mie Prefecture.


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Blessed with vibrant natural features such as oceans, mountains, and rivers, Mie Prefecture has long been known as “Umashi Kuni” (beautiful country). The rural landscape of Mie Prefecture abounds with stunningly lush nature in every direction you look and is packed with countless attractions from amazing food to magnificent scenery and interactions with local residents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a paradigm shift where people no longer have to settle on a place of work as telecommuting and workations become ubiquitous. More and more companies and individuals have also become interested in exploring the vibrant nature of rural areas as a new kind of working environment.

Mie Prefecture has seized this opportunity to promote long-duration rural travel within its borders, where travelers can enjoy experiences and meals that showcase the unique characteristics of the prefecture’s rural areas.

A promotional video has been created to raise greater awareness of such long-duration rural travel among both domestic and international travelers.

The video features Rosa, a Spanish woman working in Tokyo who came to Japan five years ago.

As she started to adapt to life in Japan, she visited Mie Prefecture for the first time and encountered its various landscapes, food, and people while traveling around the area.

The title of the video is “MIE – Discoveries beyond our imagination.” What did Rosa experience and discover along her journey?

Regardless of whether you have visited Mie Prefecture before, we hope you will enjoy this video as you accompany Rosa on her travels.

Part1mainly comprises scenes from rural villages in Mie Prefecture. The video has been shot in a manner that conveys the prefecture’s beautiful scenery and the sense of excitement of setting foot in the area for the very first time.

You can also hear the charming sounds of nature, such as birdsong and the footsteps of travellers hiking along forest trails.

Part2features scenes of human interaction along with the scenery of fishing villages. What feelings did the many experiences and interactions that are unique to this area evoke in Rosa? You will no doubt appreciate the comforting warmth of the locals here as well.

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