Ellie Omiya, Cultivating Painting


© Ellie Omiya

People can be accomplished authors, scriptwriters or filmmakers, and still have the impression there is space for more. Such is the case of Ellie Omiya who happens to be all three. She has already met great success, and now she has developed a taste for painting, her obsession? All things floral.

Her art has already been picked up by the Tokyo gallerist Tomio Koyama. Her lines are simple, demonstrating a beauty which is both “raw and powerful”, and above all defies being boxed in. Omiya plants the seed for free expression in terms of artistic landscapes. The naïve motifs and colours radiate a tender mischievousness.

© Ellie Omiya

Scenes from Ellie Omiya Live Painting featuring Yuichi Ohata during the exhibition Sincerely Yours, at the Towada Art Center (2016) Photo: Alex Queen | Michael Warren