Gaku, Master of Fruit and Vegetable Sculpture


Japanese artist Gaku sculpts motifs in fruits and vegetables and posts the results on social media. He eschews marble and wood in favour of bananas, avocados, kiwis and broccoli.

Armed with a set of knives, Gaku revisits the ancient practice of mukimono (literally ‘peeled thing’ in Japanese). By digging into the flesh of fruits and vegetables and playing with the texture of their skin, he produces complex geometric patterns, often inspired by Japanese traditions.

This art, which is celebrated in Thai culture and became popular in Japan in the 17th century, involves a race against the clock with every piece: the sculpture has to be finished before the fruit begins to rot. For a long time, mukimono featured flower, bird and dragon motifs, but Gaku draws inspiration from very different sources, hence his One Piece-aubergine and Dragon Ball Z-banana.


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