Finally, an Elegant and Minimalist Cat Tree for your Home

Japanese design agency Rinn gives both cats and their owners the elegant habitat they deserve with this minimalist cat tree.


Japanese design agency Rinn gives both felines and their owners the elegant habitat they deserve. It has created a cat tree that’s both minimalist and modern, with a pared down silhouette. This product is the fruit of a desire to move away from commercial pet accessories and their often garish colours and haphazard shapes, and create an object so beautiful it could be displayed in a museum.

The Neko cat tree, by designer Yoh Komiyama, is composed mainly of maple, oak and beech from the Hida Forest (an area of central Japan known for its woodworking). It is constructed by hand by a local artisan, Masaaki Ito.

Built upwards and created in natural tones, it allows light to pass through its multiple openings. Its cylindrical form is connected to a stand made from Greek marble with a hemp rope. The latter is designed to bear the brunt of scratching and is easily replaceable once worn down. Such craftsmanship comes at a price: approximately £7000. It therefore remains to be seen whether the cat or its owner will be more pleased by the presence of this unusual object in their home.