Keiichi Tanaka’s Minimalist Ceramics


© Keiichi Tanaka

Keiichi Tanaka is perpetually seeking functional beauty inspired by the past. His pottery pieces are created at his home in Kawagoe — also known as Little Edo — just outside of Tokyo.

To say that he is a fan of the feeling of Earthenware — a touch of Europe — is an understatement. He borrows from the ancient ceramic tonalities from Turkey and Egypt, looking to create unique colours. He has developed a consistent technique whereby he uses a metal-infused varnish which can be heated to 1200°C before the pigments are applied a lower temperature.

The result is a body of objects that are both primitive and resolutely modern. Tanaka elevates the notion of the art of dining. He conceives each piece with their future use in mind, to be used day in day out by their owners. It is a beautiful means of enriching the quotidian with functional pieces that are imbued with emotion.

© Keiichi Tanaka