URBAN BOBBY to Hold a Pop-up Shop in Paris, Communicating the True Value of Japanese Leather


Hyogo Prefecture, thanks to its superior leather-tanning techniques handed down through the ages, currently boasts the largest volume of natural leather production in all of Japan. Collaborating with the Tokyo-based lifestyle media focusing on Japan-inspired creativity Pen Magazine International, Hyogo Leather, a federation of leather-industry cooperatives in the prefecture composed of leather craftsmen working there, is going to hold a pop-up shop in Paris for a two-day period from 15 to 16 February. The shop will be located within Bows & Arrows, a French store and on-line shop famous for exclusively specialising in Japanese goods.

The pop-up store in Paris this time will be featuring the ladies’ fashion brand URBAN BOBBY. The simple, clean taste of the leather bags and accessories in its line-up—wildly popular amongst women mainly in their twenties and thirties—exudes a classy femininity. The brand puts paramount emphasis on thoroughly communicating the value and importance of utilising Japanese-made leather in its products. The designers for URBAN BOBBY are Masako and Tomoko Ijichi, whose father is a leather tanner. You can palpably feel the attraction of each item by feeling and looking at it: the high quality, warmth and durability. At its studio in Japan, URBAN BOBBY makes a point of producing each item by hand.

The various products on display at the pop-up shop will also be available for purchase, including handbags, coin cases and bracelets. This is a must-visit.

Pen Magazine International x Hyogo Leather URBAN BOBBY Pop-up Shop

Period: Friday 15 February – Saturday 16 February

Venue: Bows and Arrows

Address: 17 Rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Tel: +33 9 83 70 76 98