Dining Out, the Outdoor Premium Restaurant Event


A kitchen was set up on the first rice field of a beautiful, sloping terraced rice paddy. In the second rice field, a lamp-lit table is waiting for guests to take a seat.

The 17th Dining Out event was held in Wajima city, Ishikawa prefecture, where satoyama and satoumi dishes were served on Wajima lacquerware. Dining Out is a premium outdoor restaurant that opens for only a few days across Japan. The hosting location, Kanakura – a beautiful village where legend has it that golden cranes once flew down – has been selected as one of the ‘100 Villages of Japan’. This time Dining Out had its first double-chef team. Chef Masahito Ueki, from ‘AZUR et MASA UEKI’ in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, who prepares Japanese ingredients using French culinary techniques, teamed up with chef Joshua Skenes, of the three-Michelin-star ‘Saison’, a San Francisco restaurant that centres on woodfire cooking methods.
Cooking begins with a simple amuse-bouche of seafood from the sea of Noto served on kiji ware, then ‘Veal Carpaccio’, decorated with flowers and vegetables of Noto, followed by ‘Charcoal-grilled Abalone’ with squid ink. Next, the main dish is ‘Straw-roasted Wild Boar’, using a wild boar that swam from Noto Peninsula to Noto Island in Nanao Bay, where food is abundant. There are 11 courses in total, including dessert. The courses are further enhanced through pairings with California Napa wine and ‘Shiragiku’ sake from the Hakuto Sake Brewery, founded in the Edo period.
While the majestic sound of the traditional gojinjo-daiko drums of Nafune-cho, Wajima City rings out, the guests admire the spirit of Wajima through the performance of the men facing them. A truly unique experience making for an unforgettable night.

On the right is chef Joshua, and on the left is chef Ueki, the first double-chef team for Dining Out. The two chefs complete the dishes skillfully.

Right: The sound of the taiko drum reverberates from the demonstration of the traditional performing arts of Nafune Town, Wajima City.

Left: An appetizer by chef Ueki. Carpaccio of veal, raised by natural grazing, stacked alternately with flowers and wild grasses. Each layer is received with a feeling of gratitude. Served in a cloth-edged lacquerware dish. / Right: Fish dish by chef Joshua. “Charcoal-grilled Abalone,” made from woodfired Wajima black abalone dressed with squid ink. The scattered scent of yuzu spreads faintly in the mouth. The dish, painted with lacquer mixed with diatomaceous earth, creates a chic impression.