The American Dining Tradition Adopted as Okinawa’s Own

Gordie’s Hamburger is a testament to the ubiquity of American culture left behind in the wake of the postwar occupation.


PhotographerNaoki Yasumura

The store is located in a renovated US military house in the city of Chatan.

Gordie’s Hamburger is a no-frills burger spot that serves up tasty grub in a casual setting. 

Close to one of the American military bases in the area, it reflects the post-war establishment and expansion of American influence, which has given birth to many businesses catering to members of the armed forces. 

Today, American culture is present everywhere on the island, and establishments such as Gordie’s delight the troops and locals alike. 

Younger Okinawans have especially embraced these aspects of American culture as their own, growing up in an environment where shops serving American-style goodness is commonplace. 

As a visitor, this aspect of Okinawa is a great contrast to the traditional Ryukyu culture that can be found in the southeast of the island. 

The hamburgers themselves feature juicy, tender beef with a variety of toppings available. You will be reminded of the American presence by the noise of fighter jets taking off from the nearby base. 

The varied hamburger menu featuring perfect ground-beef patties is popular.

The spot is popular with locals rather than tourists.

The taste is also enjoyed by Americans living in Japan.


TEL +81-98-926-0234

100 Sunabe, Chatan, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa