The Okinawan Restaurant With a European Twist

The must-visit Sakurazaka Le Bois offers traditional island recipes with a European spin, paired with the very best Japanese wines.


PhotographyNaoki Yasumura

The restaurant is near Makishi Public Market, featuring a casual interior with an open kitchen.

If you are in Naha and in the mood for some drinks, Sakurazaka Le Bois is an interesting option.

Here, you will find a cuisine offering a European spin on local ingredients, but the highlight is without a doubt the in-house sommelier, who will be quick to satisfy any requests you have to sample wine from Japan and beyond. 

As the restaurant has an open kitchen, the intimate atmosphere ensures that any question or order can be answered on the spot by the chef or sommelier.

If you want to sample rare, high-quality Japanese wines and spirits while enjoying a modern take on local ingredients, this place is highly recommended.

Yanbaru Shima pork fillet with prosciutto ham, paired with wine from Hokkaido’s Domaine Mont.

The restaurant focuses on Japanese wine and brandy as well as French and other international offerings. You can enjoy each by the glass.

Featuring an open interior with a view of the nearby greenery, there are also terrace seats to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors on a sunny afternoon.

The food features assorted hors d'oeuvres using Okinawan ingredients, such as Yanbaru Shimabuta cartilage soki putty and island turban shell grilled with herb butter.

Carpaccio of Marmachi (Ohimedai), an appetizer using locally caught fish.

Sakurazaka Le Bois

TEL +81-98-868-3650

3-2-41 2F-A, Makishi, Naha-city, Okinawa