From the Foot of Japan’s Smallest Mountain


©City of Sendai

We’re always banging on about the world’s tallest mountains, those which you absolutely must scale. But what about the little ones? And what about the smallest mountain in all of Japan? It is in Gamo, not far from Sendai, that lays a tiny little mountain, ripe for hiking with no need for oxygen masks. The ascent takes around 5 to 10 seconds, the time to climb the three meters that separate this small patch of land from sea level.

Is it really worth heading all the way out there just to be able to say, ‘yeah, I was there’? That’s for you to decide. It is equally disputable as to whether it can even be called a mountain; the record for the smallest one ever was previously held by the city of Tenpozan with a peak at 4.53 meters high.