Wabi-Sabi Glassware From Okinawa

Glass- and tableware store Hizuki, featuring designs by Miyo Oyabu, offers one-of-a-kind works of art revered by chefs the world over.


Each of Oyabu’s works are crafted by hand. 

Hizuki is a unique store featuring a modern, minimalist design as well as curated glass- and tableware from around Japan and the world. 

You can also find special designs only available here from owner and Kyoto-native-turned-Okinawan Miyo Oyabu. 

These surprise due to their delicate imperfections and how they interact with natural light, with each piece being one of a kind.

All of Oyabu’s pieces are hand-made and crafted with particular devotion to beautiful form, earning her praise from enthusiastic chefs the world over. 

While different from the so-called Ryukyu glass, Hizuki is recommended if you want to pick up unique glass tableware as a souvenir.

The shop is located in a corner of a residential area in Yomitan. It features a modern atmosphere.

In addition to Oyabu’s glass works, beautiful offerings selected from inside and outside of Japan are on sale.

Oyabu's work consists of not only tableware, but also vases and lights.

This cup is a fusion of different colored glass for a unique look.

Originally from Kyoto, Oyabu Miyo is currently based in Okinawa.

Located in Yomitan, the store features a modern exterior.


TEL +81-98-958-1334

273 Tokeshi, Yomitan-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa