Learning Karate in Its Place of Birth

Learning this martial art in its original home offers practitioners a glimpse into the Ryukyu culture of the past.


PhotographyNaoki Yasumura

Demonstration of the Okinawan Karate by Ippei Yagi.

Taking a karate lesson in its homeland of Okinawa is a very special experience, and there are many hotels and other companies that would be happy to arrange a lesson for visitors. 

One of the most special experiences is offered as part of Halekulani Okinawa’s “ESCAPES Discover the Island’s Mabui (Soul)” programme, where you can take lessons with Mr. Ippei Yagi, a master of Goju-ryu, a traditional Okinawan style of karate. 

Karate has seen an enormous increase in popularity around the globe, but Okinawa is where the martial art was originally developed. 

The principles that can be learned even from basic lessons, such as proper stance, basic defensive moves, and concentrated breathing techniques, can be easily repeated in daily life and provide another glimpse into Ryukyu culture.

Furthermore, in addition to learning the technical aspects of the sport, this unique wellness experience is designed to strengthen the connection between the mind and body and impart a sense of peace and mindfulness. 

Therefore, the experience not only provides you with some practical exercises but also brings you closer to the Okinawan spirit.

The legendary elder Yagi may also participate in the program.

The lesson is conducted by Ippei Yagi, a master of Okinawa Karate and the Goju style.

To commemorate the lesson, a gift of colored paper will be given by the master of the Goju style.

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