Kurashiki, the Venice of Japan? Or Far More…



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It is the case in cities world-over, that much of their population is perpetually plotting their escape from over-crowded city centres. Just beyond Okayama, you’ll find the perfect getaway in the town of Kurashiki. More precisely it is here that the tourist district of Bikan with the river Takahashi and its numerous canals has gained a reputation for being the Venice of Japan. It might be a flattering comparison, but in reality, this small slice of paradise is much better than its Italian counterpart.

Why? In Bikan, there is all the atmosphere of Venice, without any of the downsides (handsome gondoliers in traditional dress spoilt by swathes of tourists, for example). The architectural style is peaceful and European, giving way to an atmosphere that feels anything but Japanese. If touring the canals isn’t your thing however, the city is also known for its artisanal economy and local gastronomy. How do we say ‘have a good day’ in Italian again?


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