Morioka Shoten, The Book Shop With Only One Book


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

©Morioka Shoten

Faced with an abundance of literary releases, in 2015 Yoshiyuki Morioka decided to open the Morioka Shoten bookstore, offering just one book per week.

Located in the district of Ginza, the small library offers only one book (but sells multiple copies). Customers either buy it or wait for a new literary choice the following week. Novels, mangas, biographies and illustrated novels, bookseller Yoshiyuki Morioka carefully selects the title that will be put forward each week, presented beautifully in the center of the shop. This unusual approach that favours quality over quantity (echoing the lack of furniture decorating the room) seems to have quickly won over its audience.

In order to further enhance the literary experience, the bookseller seeks to bring to life each book of the week. He adds thoughtful touches such as slipping a flower mentioned in a chapter between the pages, or exhibiting photographs or ceramics as a nod to the universe of a book.

Yoshiyuki Morioka invites the author of the book of the week to come, as much as possible, for authentic conversations with readers.

Much more than a shop, a gallery or a meeting space, the Morioka Shoten bookshop mixes a little of all this to stoke literary passions.

©Morioka Shoten

©Morioka Shoten

Morioka Shoten

1-28-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo