Take a Hot Sand Bath in Ibusuki

On these beaches on Kyushu Island, the sand heated by the surrounding springs promotes relaxation and offers health benefits.


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

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The sunamushi onsen is a bathing ritual undertaken by the Japanese people for several centuries. After a purifying stage in a classic bath of water, as is typical of the onsen tradition, individuals take their place under the colourful parasols on Ibusuki Beach, before being covered in sand all the way up to their neck by elderly women. The hot spring water from volcanoes in the region gushes under the beach and naturally infuses the sand with 55°C steam.

Ten minutes spent in these hot sand baths, heated by natural steam, offers guaranteed relaxation and considerable health benefits. Lying in this cocoon of sand is said to improve blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins from the body, reducing respiratory problems and rheumatism.


More information about the Ibusuki sand baths can be found on their website.

© Natural Sand Bath

© Natural Sand Bath