The Artistic Island of Teshima


©Noboru Morikawa

The island of Teshima, east of Naoshima, is the most recent location of Benesse Art Site Naoshima. In order to access this island you must take a boat, the only way to discover the treasures of the island. The main attraction is evidently the Teshima Art Museum, whose exterior shell, designed by architect Ryue Nishizawa, is formed after the shape of a drop of water touching the ground. Inside, there are two oval openings to the exterior and an exhibition by Rei Nato entitled Matrix, inwhich water flows slowly on the ground.

The Teshima Yokoo House, inaugurated in 2013, plays host to works by the artist Tadanori Yokoo. His works have been distributed across three spaces in a traditional Japanese house, renovated by the architect Yuko Nagayama. The color red is predominant through the scenography of the project, which explores themes of life and death.

©Tadasu Yamamoto

©Kuge Yasuhide