100 Years of Japanese Cinema in Paris in 119 Films


Yasujiro Ozu, Crépuscule à Tokyo, ©1957/2017 Shochiku Co., Ltd

The programme put together within the framework of the cross-cultural event ‘Japonismes 2018’ includes films that are sometimes completely unknown in France, whilst being culturally foundational to modern Japan.

Chronologically divided into three periods, the event retraces the history of Japanese cinema from 1920 to 2018 through 119 films selected by a jury of Franco-Japanese specialists.

During the first period, from September to October, 27 films from 1920 to 1940 will be shown at the Cinemathéque française with the aim of depicting the emergence of Japanese cinema to the beginning of its golden age. The next session, from November 2018 until February 2019, the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris and the Cinémathèque will host around 50 films from the post-war period until the early noughties. From February until March 2019, the final round will see a number of contemporary directors take to the screens with 37 more recent films.

Buntaro Futagawa, Orochi, 1925 ©Matsuda Film Productions

Les amants crucifiés, Kenji Mizoguchi, ©KADAKOWA CORPORATION 1954

©karatsu film partners/PSC2017

Japonismes 2018