Exploration of the Intimate in ‘The Sound of Water’ Available for Online Viewing

This film by J.B. Braud lays bare the deepest emotions, following the themes of betrayal, escape, and redemption.


In J.B. Braud’s mesmerizing short film, The Sound of Water, the intricate tapestry of Franco-Japanese storytelling unveils the rawest of human emotions. Under J.B. Braud’s poignant direction, the talented Saki Asamiya breathes life into the character of Chisato, a woman whose serene rural existence is unexpectedly disrupted by chance encounters.

Through breathtaking landscapes and nuanced storytelling, J.B. Braud delves into themes of betrayal, escape, and redemption. Embracing improvisation and spontaneity as integral parts of his creative process, the director captures moments of unfiltered and genuine emotion, weaving them into a captivating cinematic experience.

The Sound of Water offers viewers an introspective journey into life’s choices and the profound consequences they entail.This short film was also honored with the Best Cinematography award at the American Flickair Film Festival, as well as the Best Fantastic Film award at the Fiction Film Festival in Spain. Now freely accessible on our platform, this short film transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with the universal essence of the human experience.


The Sound of Water (2021), a short film directed by J.B. Braud, available for online viewing below.