Stories Connecting Past and Present in a Series of Short Films by GANZO

Objects from the leather brand take center stage, weaving through their owner's life and evoking powerful memories.



As they age alongside the personality of their owner, an object becomes a unique and irreplaceable piece. This concept is beautifully portrayed in a series of short films by the leather brand GANZO. Romantic love, tales woven between friends and family leave imprints, and leather objects rekindle those memories.

GANZO, a leather product brand, makes no compromises in its pursuit of authenticity. From selecting quality leathers such as Cordovan and Bridle Leather to various stages of tanning, cutting, smoothing, sewing, and finishing, the brand’s products, besides their initial tactile beauty, achieve ultimate perfection after years of use, revealing the marks of time and usage.

In a short film series titled The Life of Timeless, GANZO depicts the brand’s identity—the power of aging. The scars and wrinkles that appear on the products over time are traces of a life rich in memories, with each person expressing these marks in their own way.

‘The memories are silent and fluid,’ explains director J.B. Braud. ‘The idea for this film emerged from the quiet and fluid nature of memories. Suddenly, we recall wonderful moments from the past. This shapes the present, and we realise how these memories gain charm with time. One could say that the film depicts the moment when we confront our past, when we question it. These moments have been with us for a long time, reminding us of what has aged within us.’ Through three episodes featuring different relationships—lovers, friends, and parents and children—the series describes the unique connection of men to leather.


The first chapter, ‘THE LOVE BOND,’ begins with a man absentmindedly looking inside his wallet and discovering a photo of a past love. As he looks up, he revisits the moment when his beloved joyfully slipped her portrait into the wallet.


The second chapter, ‘THE FAMILY BOND,’ starts with a middle-aged man holding a worn-out notebook. Flipping through the pages, he discovers drawings made by his young son, tenderly observed by his younger self.


The third chapter, ‘THE FRIEND BOND,’ shows a man rediscovering a backpack from his youth. Immediately, he recalls the moment when he acquired it, preparing for a trip with a friend, both eagerly loading the luggage.


Unexpected movements, like those of a wind chime, a spoon in a glass, or the flickering of a lamp, recall the ambiguity of memories not bound by time. Midway between past and future, each film depicts a moment of self-confrontation. Each episode captures seemingly insignificant moments of happiness in life, featuring the present and past of the individual, as well as leather products in their aged and new states.

©︎ Craig Mod

Director’s profile

J.B. Braud hails from Paris, France. After starting at the Canal+ television channel in France, he became a director. His short films in Franco-Japanese co-production, In the Still Night and The Sound of Water, have been selected in numerous international film festivals. Recently, he has worked on advertising campaigns such as Le Peintre for Apple and Coca-Cola’s brand film Tiny Christmas (winner of the Cannes Lions Award 2023).


More information is available on the official website of the brand.