The Delicate Japanese Art of Paper on Display in London

In 2018, fifteen contemporary creators were given free rein to express their art through traditional ‘washi’ paper at the Japan House.


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

Photo by Amana Group / ‘Paper Flower’ by Haruka Misawa

Through subtle, delicate work with paper, art came to life in a captivating exhibition held in London from 13 November until 24 December 2018 that captured the essence of Japanese minimalism.


The diversity of paper modelling techniques

After passing through Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Milan, São Paolo and Los Angeles, the Takeo Paper Show: Subtle — Delicate or Infinitesimal came to the Japan House in London. It takes its name from the Takeo Paper Show, Japan’s paper industry show which was first held in 1965.

Fifteen contemporary Japanese creators from the world of art, animation, fashion, graphic design, literature and architecture, like Junya Ishigami, each created a piece of work using washi paper, either pure white or coloured, showcasing the various techniques that can be used to work with this material.


Takeo Paper Show: Subtle — Delicate or Infinitesimal (2018), an exhibition held at the Japan House in London from 13 November until 24 December 2018.

Photo by Amana Group / ‘SPRING’ by Junya Ishigami

© Jérémie Souteyrat

© Jérémie Souteyrat

© Jérémie Souteyrat

Photo by Amana Group / ‘CHOCOLATE’ S HATS’ by Kenya Hara

© Jérémie Souteyrat

© Jérémie Souteyrat