Tetsuya Okada’s Accessories Steeped in History

This eyewear entrepreneur explains how he picks out rare, high-quality accessories that add the finishing touches to his style.


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Tetsuya Okada specialises in exceptional glasses frames. After beginning his career in the United States, he launched his eyewear store Globe Specs in 1998 and now runs three establishments in Japan.

Outfits and accessories go hand in hand for this advocate of classic, immaculate style. As a result, he selected two manufacturers known for their expertise. The artisan who created his pair of glasses, Gernod Lindner, is a German optician who specialises in antique frames and who brought them up to date for the brand Lunor. One of his clients was none other than Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, who was known for his round glasses. Tetsuya Okada considers Gernod Lindner  as his mentor in the world of eyewear and offers his creations for sale in his boutiques.

Hoffmann is another brand that had a strong impact on him. Their range of products made from buffalo horn, and above all their glasses frames, convinced him that opening a shop containing a selection of rare, premium glasses was a project for the future. His story affirms that the finest details are by no means just accessories.


More information about Globe Specs can be found on the brand’s website.

Tetsuya Okada’s latest updates can be found on his Instagram account.


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