In ‘The Party Bus’, Shiseido Transforms Makeup Into a Means of Empowerment

The film, directed by Show Yanagisawa, explores the power of makeup through the characters of Princess Kaguya and her two suitors.


Shiseido makes an impact with The Party Bus — I Can’t Tell You I Love You, a short film that lasts just 3 minutes and 30 seconds and explores the relationship between makeup and self-expression.

The film was made in 2018 by Show Yanagisawa and features Princess Kaguya (from a 10th-century Japanese folk tale) played by model Elena An, her lover Dracula, played by dancer ENDo, and a mysterious samurai, played by model Rina Fukushi.


From hesitation to acceptance

The characters attend a party held on a bus, where indecision dominates for Princess Kaguya as she struggles to choose between two potential suitors. Shiseido imagines the story of a love triangle where Kaguya wanders disconcerted and confused by her feelings.

The passionate red on the lips of both lovers then comes to life and reveals an animated scene played out on their respective faces, thus mixing fantasy and fiction. It’s an intimate and suspended moment that presents personal courage and self-acceptance by rendering makeup a key player in freedom of expression.


The Party Bus — I Can’t Tell You I Love You (2018), a short film by Show Yanagisawa, was produced by Shiseido.

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