Ginza v Galeries Lafayette, Who Has the World’s Most Beautiful Vitrines?


©Shiseido Ginza Building

Each year as Christmas approaches, the famed Galeries Lafayette in Paris stages an impressive spectacle for tourists and visitors. A different theme is selected year by year, and interpreted across the numerous vitrines of the different shop fronts, who use these decors to recount a story. Reputed across the globe, these window displays are widely considered to be among the most beautiful in the world.

However, in Ginza, one of the most prolific shopping districts in Japan, the Galeries Lafayette are facing some stiff competition. Throughout the year, according to the rhythm of various public holidays: New Year, Hanami, Halloween and Christmas, the displays of the city change and evolve. In order to motivate local businesses to get involved, the city organises the Ginza Display Contest, an annual contest which has run for the last 30 years in recognition of the best vitrine. The competition takes place over Christmas, the period during which shopfronts are adorned with the most zeal.

In order to stand out, people use screens, light shows as well as other innovative technologies. Some even require visitor participation. But are they more impressive than those in Paris?

©Ginza Six

©Mitsukoshi Ginza