Anticipating Fashion, the Vision of Tetsuya Okada

The entrepreneur launched Globe Specs, an eyewear store, at a time when prescription glasses were not considered to have a place in fashion.


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At the beginning of his career, Tetsuya Okada did not imagine that he would go on to start his own business. The Hiroshima native, who spent several years in the United States, first worked in the banking sector before turning his attention to fashion. This was when he realised, in the early 1980s, the potential fashion for prescription glasses, and began to reflect on a project.

Globe Specs launched in 1998 and the brand now has three shops in Tokyo and Kyoto. Tetsuya Okada’s trendy selection and approach towards clients — with limited sales spaces but particular care taken with regard to customer services and relations — have twice won him the Best Optical Store Award at the Milan Trade Show.


More information about Globe Specs can be found on the brand’s website.


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