Evisbeats, the Masked Prince of Japanese Hip-Hop



Very little is known about the artist Akira Yoshimura, the beatmaker known as Evisbeats. But this Nara native has managed to establish his nonchalant style all the same, making him one of Japan’s most popular rappers. His style recalls that of the pioneers of American alternative hip-hop, such as Jurassic 5 and Pharcyde.

His tunes are laid back and his beats relaxed, while his flow is soothing and well put together. In 2018, he released a new album, Musuhi, still on his own label, Amida. This record is a continuation of what listeners are accustomed to hearing from him and what earned him his reputation; that is, musical productions on a jazzy hip-hop base, with varied and sometimes elusive influences.

But the album which made his career really take off came six years earlier, in 2012. Hitotsu Ni Naru Toki is the record that’s most representative of his music. So, it’s the perfect time to give it another spin.