Japanese Designer Seiran Tsuno Advocates ‘Paranormal’ Fashion


©Sho Makishima

At 28 years of age, young designer Seiran Tsuno has a somewhat unusual vision of fashion, which she has made her trademark. A garment is ‘a means of communicating with an invisible world’, she declares in an interview. Formerly a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, the designer began studying fashion in 2016 at the Coconogacco Fashion School in Tokyo. She quickly developed her own vocabulary, creating pieces which, she explains, aim to ‘pay homage to people who believe in the existence of an invisible world’.

Very soon, the fantastic became the driving force behind her pieces, each one zanier than the last. For Seiran Tsuno, dresses lend themselves to science fiction designs, which capture the attention thanks to their fluorescent colours and their extremely carefully worked finish. To achieve this, the designer produces her pieces using 3D pens and printers.

For her latest collection, Seiran Tsuno wished to ‘capture Japanese spirits’. Unlike typical garments, her creations are not put on over the head, but instead placed onto the body. Her advertising campaign is also disconcerting, featuring her grandmother, who broke her leg just before the shoot took place.

Recently, the young designer was a finalist in the ITS Platform Contest, an Italian competition which rewards young talents in the fashion world. Seiran Tsuno may have some way to go before she becomes a huge name, but one thing is for sure: her future will be unique.

©Jun Yasui